Escorts and Casinos – The Relationship

Just a few years ago, gambling was still considered to be a “bad man’s habit” and there are still many who frown upon the idea of going to a casino as well as those who go to casinos. However, casinos are in abundance and provide many things from entertainment for high rollers, to desperate people who are in need of a big win. The fact is, the world of casinos caters to just about anyone as all types of games are offered.

Unlike casinos, prostitutes have always been and still are considered one of the most degrading forms of work there is. However, the industry has managed to grow and new clients enjoy their services on a daily basis even though most states do not allow this and consider it a criminal offence. Escorts see this as an opportunity to ask higher prices due to the fact that it’s risky for them to provide these services and find new business. This also means they need to target wealthier clients to ensure their income remains constant.

Casinos have been around for many decades and have become a popular location for escorts to find clients. There are many reasons escorts and casinos work well together and benefit both the casino and the escort. Since both of these have been around for so long, they have managed to create a bond where clients can come and enjoy what the casino has to offer but also have the opportunity to enjoy the company of an escort.

Many casinos around the USA have escorts that simply walk around in the casino and appear to be as most others do, yet they are actually are looking for clients. Escorts in casinos are mostly of the higher class, meaning they are the most attractive, provide multiple services, and charge a much higher fee. The reason this level of escort chooses casinos as a platform to locate new client is the high rollers and wealthy players. Las Vegas escorts are not the exception.

The Las Vegas Connection
Las Vegas is one of the main reasons escorts and casino mix so well. The term “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” should already provide a good idea of this. Las Vegas has managed to develop an “anything goes” atmosphere, whether that be gambling or the sex industry. Many go to Vegas for this reason alone as it is so convenient.This atmosphere has been adopted by many other states in an attempt to offer the Las Vegas feel much closer to home. This also means escorts in the area target casinos to find new clients just like those in Las Vegas. The casino floor provides a safer area for the escort as it’s very unlikely that they will be caught by law enforcement while in the casino. Transactions are also made easy as many of the players already have a room at the casino and this makes things a lot easier and safer for both parties involved.

Getting in contact with just about any casino and asking them about the escorts will simply result in the casino denying this type of activity goes on at their casino. However, asking the dealer or just about any other casino employee where they can find an escort will most likely result in finding a girl. This doesn’t mean the casino is involved, it just indicates that casinos are aware of it and do not go to great lengths to stop these services.

There are multiple reasons why casinos don’t stop escorts or report them. One of the most important is that players want these escort services available and find it convenient and much safer than to go out of the casino and attempt to find a girl. Many casinos have seen valuable players return to their casino because of these services and what they offer. Casinos see that a player losing big is more likely to take advantage of the services offered by these escorts and returning with a high spirit to play the games again. Those who win big are also more likely to enjoy these services with the money they’ve just won and having a beautiful woman on their side just seems to increase the thrill for them. 
Many of these prostitutes  advertise themselves on websites such as eros and backpage that they are available at these casinos. This provides the option for clients to book them ahead of time and meet up at the casino where the player can enjoy casino games while being in the company of a beautiful young lady. The casino gains this way as the player might show off and make bad bets, but even if they don’t, the chances are strong that they will take advantage of the hotel offered at the casino with the escort that met them there.

This provides a strong positive side to all aspects of the casino and escorts. They are both able to enjoy bigger business while not being involved at all. The casino is in no way breaking the law by not removing these escorts and escorts find themselves in a safer atmosphere that has the right clientele for their services. The chances of this ever-changing are very slim as everything is done in a professional manner. The escorts are not obvious, but make themselves known to the right clients, while the casino gains from these clients in multiple ways mentioned above. These activities are taking place all over America, and the world for that matter as it works well both ways.  
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